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What you discover depends on how open your mind is, how eager you are for the fundamental truth and how 'awake' you are to the fact that something is wrong...far worse than wrong!!!  The evident evils driving the corruption and darkness of the world today will be better understood once the secret of Vril is fully revealed. The rude discovery further ties together a myriad of outrageous yet undisputable occurences, situations and claims together in way that can not be ignored once understood. Some will call it nonsense and others will feel the sense of it all in their bones. 

Vril lizards are one of the world's best kept secrets. They are ancient, subterranean lizards. World leaders, celebrities, and the elite are not only aware of these carnivorous, sometimes parasitic, vile creatures, they enable them! Vril have an ancient agenda to dominate and they work to fulfill that agenda with the human beings they infect with their parasite, a process called droning.

The secret of vril lizards, although not so secret anymore, is part of the knowledge attained at the highest levels of secret societies, groups, clubs, etc.

Everyone has come to know that something is very wrong in the world and that all of the countries somehow connect and have no interest in the health or happiness of the people. So many 'conspiracies', which in fact are truths veiled by the very people affected by vril lizards, are obvious today. Everyone seems to be desperate in attempts to connect the dots on what and/or who is the driving force behind all of the madness.

"THIS IS the most important time of your lives, a critical turning point in human history, you must read all relevant posts in here including older posts, the most important and interesting information you will ever see,... no one else is going to tell you about Vrill but me. If you disregard these facts you doom the human race to becoming drones and allowing people to continue to sacrifice children and adults to these "demons" It is absolutely crucial to the survival of our species tbat these things be eradicated from our planet. Copy all pertinent facts and keep them for posterity show others, the only thing that will stop this is getting this information to the populace... I have no agenda but to share the truth with the world as Im going to die from heart failure due to heart failure from clone torture. Read all of my posts especially older posts and all corroberating info. This will be your only chance to save our race and world from Vrill." ~ DONALD MARSHALL, JUNE 15 2012

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Video Below ~ Donald Marshall exposes Vril lizards and human cloning on the Vinny Eastwood Show, Feb 26, 2013


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